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Donkey trek at Esilalei Maasai Village


Building a hut at Esilalei Maasai Village



Special Feature: Spend a Night in a Maasai Boma

“Authentic and amazing interaction with a beautiful culture – Must do!!” (WT client)

Warrior Trails is bringing people together to provide an opportunity to participate in the fascinating Maasai culture and way of life. We have been granted exclusive rights to offer clients the experience of a lifetime - spending a night in a traditional Maasai boma. Situated in the beautiful Lake Manyara/Tarangire wildlife corridor, a stay at Simangori boma can easily be incorporated into your safari itinerary.

Warrior Trails has worked with the people of Simangori Maasai village to create a visitor campsite within the boma confines. Whether you choose to stay under canvas, or in a traditional Maasai hut, your overnight in the boma will be a life-changing experience. Proceeds from camp fees go toward village development.

Your Night in a Maasai Boma at Simangori village offers a unique, hands-on experience of life in a traditional Maasai boma that, depending on season and availability, could include:

  • village tour

  • fetching water and collecting firewood

  • visiting Maasai wells

  • walking with warriors to learn about local plants and animals; learn    how to identify various animal tracks

  • learning about traditional Maasai herbal medicines

  • tales, stories and narratives around a campfire

  • traditional Maasai dancing and singing

  • milking cattle

  • beading with Maasai women

  • fire starting 

  • playing traditional Maasai games

  • Olpul bush camp – a rare meat-eating ceremonial occasion for Maasai warriors

  • graduation of Maasai age groups

  • a traditional Maasai wedding ceremony

  • circumcision ceremony

The addition of a Night in a Maasai Boma will compliment your safari and complete your experience of East Africa. All of our cultural tourism programs are organized with high regard for the culture, villagers and homes we visit. By meeting one of the diverse local cultures of Tanzania first hand, you will experience what makes Tanzania so special. Please Contact Us to arrange for your overnight stay at Simangori boma.

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