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A Night in a Boma

Warrior Trails is bringing people together through unique cultural experiences to expand and enrich their lives. By working closely with the people of Simangori Maasai Village, Warrior Trails has developed a camping accommodation option for guests wanting the hands-on experience of spending a night in a traditional Maasai boma

Simangori Maasai Village lies in the middle of the East African Rift Valley, between Makuyuni and Mto Wa Mbu, in a region that is part of the larger Manyara/Tarangire ecosystem. The camp accomodation option is situated on the site of Simangori Maasai Village overlooking beautiful Lake Manyara.

The unique opportunities for guests choosing to stay a night in the Simangori Village boma or camp within the boundaries of the village include:

  • village tour
  • milking cattle
  • fetching water
  • collecting firewood
  • bonfire activities
  • graduation of Maasai age groups
  • Olpul bush camp  rare meat eating ceremonial occasion for Maasai Warriors
  • spear throwing competitions
  • marriage in a traditional Maasai wedding ceremony
  • the telling of traditional tales, stories and narratives by village elders
  • traditional Maasai dancing
  • learning about Maasai herbal medicines
  • donkey rides
  • nature walks
  • traditional games

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