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Warrior Trails will design and deliver unique, authentic safari experiences to clients by operating with absolute dedication to quality of service and value for money while remaining committed to preserving the unique wilderness and cultures of East Africa.


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About Us

Warrior Trails is a Tanzanian registered, owner-operated company. We are a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to providing professional and personalized wildlife safaris, cultural experiences, mountain treks and beach holidays.

Your safari with Warrior Trails is a personal journey – a discovery trail of new places, people, and experiences to be treasured for a lifetime. We hope our website will inspire you to travel with us in one of Africa’s premiere travel destinations for a truly unique and highly customized safari adventure.


Warrior Trails Guides

On safari, your guide is your tracker, teacher, translator and friend. Warrior Trails' competent and knowledgeable guides are key to a fantastic safari experience. Warrior Trail guides were all born and raised in Tanzania and are trained naturalists, environmentalists and unparalleled game spotters. Having lived a lifetime in Tanzania, they are passionate about sharing the land they know and love. 

Value and Knowledge

Warrior Trails is one of the most capable and trusted safari companies to work with. All of our safari operations – tailor made East African Safaris, Wildlife Lodge/Tented Camp Safaris, Walking/Trekking Expeditions, Cultural Tours and Beach Holidays - are coordinated through Arusha, the gateway to Tanzania’s northern safari circuit. This enables us to use our extensive safari network for detailed, value-added planning of your custom safari itinerary. We operate using absolute dedication to quality of service, value for money and cultural integrity. 

Comfort and Detail

We have intimate knowledge of the tented camp and lodge accommodation options available and can make recommendations to suit the personal styles, interests, budget and needs of our guests. 

We use only 4x4 safari vehicles which are spacious, comfortable and well maintained, ensuring that our guests enjoy safe, optimum travel and game viewing experiences.


Community Projects

Warrior Trails is passionate about providing opportunities for socio-economic development through ecotourism and cultural tourism, and to see that tourism presents advantages and enhances the cultural integrity of indigenous populations.

It is the sincere desire of Warrior Trails to assist the poor and marginalized indigenous communities in the conservation corridors of Northern Tanzania. We are proud to support a number of local initiatives at grassroots levels as our way of contributing to a holistic approach to global development.

Warrior Walks

The grandeur and beauty of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area owe much to the reality that the indigenous Maasai pastoralists have coexisted harmoniously with the fauna and flora of the region for centuries. Who better than the local Maasai to guide others in exploration and discovery of their beautiful heartland and the creatures with whom they coexist? 

Warrior Trails hires trained Maasai Warriors to lead guests through stunning landscapes and eco-systems that have been formed by centuries of wildlife, livestock and human interaction. By creating partnerships with Maasai Warriors, we seek to preserve the beauty of the land in which these indigenous people live, while protecting and sharing the rich Maasai culture. Funds raised from Warrior Walks help provide affordable and accessible healthcare and education to marginalized Maasai communities. Please see our listing of Warrior Walks

Centre for Disability

Warrior Trails supports the Ngorongoro District Centre for Disability and it’s innovative Outreach Program, designed to meet the varied needs of Maasai children with disabilities and their families.

Maasai culture creates many complex issues associated with the care of a child with disabilities, yet these children are among those with the greatest needs. The Centre for Disability Outreach Program and Parent Support Group have been established to address these issues. The purpose of the Outreach Program is to identify families with special needs children and investigate opportunities for referral and assistance.

Maasai Women Groups

Maasai Women Groups emphasize the organization of Maasai women around income generating activities in an effort to move them away from subordination and poverty. In groups, women are able to pool their resources and implement income earning activities, resulting in the acquisition of material possessions and assets. In this way, their decision-making powers are improved, they gain respect in the community, they are able to feed their children and provide them with school materials.

Warrior Trails recognizes the need for experienced Community Development (CD) Officers to work with the Maasai Women Groups, and the importance of helping the women to change their social and economic challenges into opportunities. In particular, we are interested in sponsoring activities that improve the ability of Maasai women to generate economic opportunities based on their expansive knowledge of such things as animal husbandry.


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